Red Wolf info

Red Wolf is a producer of a brand of E-liquids with a wide range od unique flavours suitable for all users. All of our E-liquids are manufactured in Europe at factories with the highest quality standards which is why Red Wolf proudly stands at the top of E-liquids game.

As shown in many researches, smoking kills more than 5 million people around the world per year. It is the single most preventable cause of death. We believe that by replacing classic tobacco with vaping alternative and services we can help millions of people in smoking cessation.

We have devoted our energy, resources and our competencies in creating perfect E-liquids. Our passion and entrepreneurial culture ensure that we deliver to our customers in forms of safety, quality and assurance – at any given moment.

Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every smoker in the world, which drives us to encourage every person to quit with harmful habit and turn to healthier alternative to smoking with high quality E-liquids. Every product in our line is carefully designed and crafted to highest standards in industry.